Programming The Real World – Presentation Slides

I recently presented a talk at the Spain.js conference and I spent a long time (a long, long time) making my slides.  Then I realized that while it was a good slide deck for the presentation, it was nearly useless without me accompanying it.  Since the talk was not recorded :(, I reworked the slides completely to serve as a standalone deck.

I hope this is helpful to you! Special thanks to everyone that has helped me on my Maker journey so far – Jeff McAlvay, the OpenROVs, the Upverters, Lady Ada, and more.  Super thanks to the organizers of Spain.js for inviting me to speak and to Manilla for sponsoring my travel.

Download Presentation (17MB pdf)

If you’d like to have me present this or similar topic at your event, please email me

What did people think of the talk?




Enjoy, and go make something!


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    Thank you! That was a wonderful and irpsining presentation! Also, really appreciated the examples and tips so that we can actually get off the ground with development I think I was stuck at a similar point Kinect myKinect = new Kinect(); then what? Saw both the board of awesomeness, board of imagination, and the smarter cart, all very very irpsining and cool! Thanks again! Nothing as amazing as what you do, but we’re planning on using some of this technology to inspire kids at our learning center for K-12.


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