Learning iOS, Swift Part 1

I'm about a week into learning iOS and Swift 2.0 and I am pleased and impressed. For reference, I'm using this course (currently $59 on StackSocial). This week, I went through the basic Swift language sections and lessons about creating a basic … [Read more]

Finding Things Fast in Emacs

I use emacs, and it is super powerful, but out of the box, it has some rough edges. Finding files in stock emacs isn't great. I used to use a plugin called find-things-fast (https://github.com/eglaysher/find-things-fast), but a previous employer … [Read more]

Starting to Learn iOS, Swift

I have a project idea that has been bugging me for years, and I finally feel like it's time to work on it. It's an app, with a server-side back end. In the past I had been focused on startups and making a business, but I realized that at this point … [Read more]

Faking an ActiveRecord Attribute

Recently, I had a problem in Rails that took some extra research to solve. In the process, I read numerous StackOverflow posts, mailing list posts dating back to 2008, and tried, like, a million things before coming to a fairly clean solution. The … [Read more]

Notes on Core.Async Webinar

Recently, David Nolen of Cognitect held a webinar about "Designing Front End Applications Using core.async". I'm a huge fan of David's teaching style (see his tutorials on Enlive, LightTable+ClojureScript, Om Basic and Om Intermediate) so I cleared … [Read more]

Take a Detour, Love Your City

Last week, Andrew Mason, founder and former CEO of Groupon, launched a new company. The company, Detour, makes “immersive, location-aware audio walks”. Just like Uber turns your GPS-enabled smart-phone to your personal driver, Detour turns your phone … [Read more]

Learning ClojureScript and Om

I missed a few weeks (months?) of writing about my learning sprints, because I've been way out of the routine that let me do independent work. At the end of April, I went to RailsConf in Chicago and had tons to process from everything I learned … [Read more]