Faking an ActiveRecord Attribute

Recently, I had a problem in Rails that took some extra research to solve. In the process, I read numerous StackOverflow posts, mailing list posts dating back to 2008, and tried, like, a million things before coming to a fairly clean solution. The … [Read more]

Notes on Core.Async Webinar

Recently, David Nolen of Cognitect held a webinar about "Designing Front End Applications Using core.async". I'm a huge fan of David's teaching style (see his tutorials on Enlive, LightTable+ClojureScript, Om Basic and Om Intermediate) so I cleared … [Read more]

Take a Detour, Love Your City

Last week, Andrew Mason, founder and former CEO of Groupon, launched a new company. The company, Detour, makes “immersive, location-aware audio walks”. Just like Uber turns your GPS-enabled smart-phone to your personal driver, Detour turns your phone … [Read more]

Learning ClojureScript and Om

I missed a few weeks (months?) of writing about my learning sprints, because I've been way out of the routine that let me do independent work. At the end of April, I went to RailsConf in Chicago and had tons to process from everything I learned … [Read more]

Software Talks for the Ages

Sturgeon's law applies to talks. Despite the best efforts of conference organizers and speakers, most talks about software are too narrow, to vague, too detailed, too specific to the time when they were given. (Don't anyone take offense, I've given … [Read more]

Pedestal Lightning Talk Notes

Tonight I gave a lightning talk about Pedestal at the San Francisco ClojureScript meetup. I'm still working through the tutorial so my understanding and experience are both limited, but this was a good chance to gather my thoughts. Most people … [Read more]