Software Talks for the Ages

Sturgeon's law applies to talks. Despite the best efforts of conference organizers and speakers, most talks about software are too narrow, to vague, too detailed, too specific to the time when they were given. (Don't anyone take offense, I've given … [Read more]

Pedestal Lightning Talk Notes

Tonight I gave a lightning talk about Pedestal at the San Francisco ClojureScript meetup. I'm still working through the tutorial so my understanding and experience are both limited, but this was a good chance to gather my thoughts. Most people … [Read more]

Sprint Continuation – Pedestal

I continued working on the Pedestal Tutorial this week. I'm going to continue working on it for the next 2 weeks. I'm about halfway done with Part 1. I ran into some problems on Simulating Service Push, where it wasn't recognizing a method in one … [Read more]

Sprint Conclusion – Clojure

I just finished my first personal sprint, spending the last 2 weeks working on learning Clojure. I've loved the idea of Clojure since it came out in 2008 but never spent the time to work on it. While I didn't finish all the things I wanted to, I did … [Read more]

Personal Sprints

I have a problem - I have too many balls in the air, and I can't even juggle. There are too many things to learn, too many toys to play with, too many things to make, too many books to read. I'm too good at keeping track of things so nothing ever … [Read more]

Password Hygiene

Github recently discovered a distributed brute force password cracking effort. Short version, scammers used a network of 40,000 IP addresses and slow, methodical retries to get around lockout restrictions. Good news: Github emailed users who were … [Read more]