UI Beyond the Browser

I recently presented a talk at HTML5DevConf called "Robots, Circuits, and Drones, Oh My! Javascript for Makers". It took a slight change from the proposed title, to "UI Beyond the Browser - Software for Hardware Projects". It's an evolution of the … [Read more]

Engineering The Alpha – Review of Month 1

While looking for an e-book to read on the train commute home, I found the book Engineering the Alpha. I bought it a few months ago after I heard Andrew Warner of Mixergy interview with author John Romaniello. I've had weight issues for my whole … [Read more]

We Are All Joe/Jane Developer

[EDIT: Full attribution for the JD Intellectual Property rights] My coworker Andres, whenever he spots “clever” code during code reviews, asks “What will Joe Developer think of this?” (Feel free to use Jane Developer if it's more … [Read more]

Meteor Discovered

tl;dr: Discover Meteor is a great book for learning to program in Meteor.  Highly recommended. New programming languages, tools, and paradigms come out all the time, old nuggets get rediscovered or reinvented, and old mistakes get remade. It’s … [Read more]

How To Teach Yourself Programming

This didn't come through my new web-crush Mentii, but it is another bit of advice that I thought deserved to go farther than one email. This is a friend that lives near a tech center and wants to learn programming, but has no background or experience … [Read more]

Mentoring Made Easy

I came across a new site that has completely captivated me: Mentii.  It's a matchmaking site for people looking for mentors and people willing to be mentors. The signup process was simple - you can import your profile from LinkedIn, you can import … [Read more]

Thank You Andrew Mason

Today something sad but not unexpected happened. Andrew Mason was fired as CEO of Groupon. I worked at Groupon for two years, from late 2010 to late 2012, and while the experience was a mostly positive mixed bag, Andrew was definitely one of the … [Read more]